Conference Registration and Fees

The conference is unfortunately cancelled, and no registrations are possible any more. See the full notice about cancellation here. It is the conference policy to provide a full refund for all those who have already registed, but we hope for patience, as we are finding the exact way of organising this. Thank you for your understanding.


The conference fee includes entrance to the conference, lunch, and coffee served at breaks during the conference days (3.-6.6.2020). All registered participants will also become DiGRA members. Note that the conference dinner has a special, separate price.

General fees:

  • early-bird (before 13 March 2020): 400 euros
  • regular (after 13 March 2020): 500 euros

Reduced fees:

  • early-bird (before 13 March 2020): 200 euros
  • regular (after 13 March 2020): 250 euros

There are two main conference fee categories: General (established scholars), and Reduced (which is the special, low fee).

  • The reduced fee applies to all students (bachelor, master’s and doctoral level), retirees, and also to all conference participants who are living in countries that are identified in the World Bank classification to have economies in categories Low-Income, Lower-middle-income, or Upper-middle-income: This is designed to help participation of a wide range of scholars coming outside of high-income economies.
  • In addition, the reduced fee also applies to independent scholars. By independent scholar in this context is meant: currently academically non-affiliated, and/or not institutionally supported scholars.

Additional categories:

On-site registration:

  • 550 euros

One-day pass:

  • 150 euros

In addition, those conference participants who are coming from low-income countries, and who have not participated in a DiGRA conference before, are encouraged to contact after getting their letter of acceptance for their submission. We have set aside a limited number of scholarships (fee waivers) that would exempt them from conference fees, completely. These scholarships and their prioritization will be decided on case-by-case basis.

Note also that if you cannot travel to Finland, we are preparing an option for remotely presenting an accepted conference submission. This kind of requests are instructed to be sent directly to our Program Chairs via email: There will be only limited number of this kind of remote presentation slots, and by default also remote presenters need to register, and pay the conference fee (apart from the scholarship holders – see above). Please contact our Program Chairs also in other program related requests.

Note that all conference fees include the DiGRA one-year membership fee.

Link to the registration & payment system:

Note also that if you are representing an academic publishing house, or scientific journal in game studies field, and would like to have a table reserved alongside the conference to display recent publications, please be in contact with

DiGRA 2020 is also a carbon-neutral conference, achieved through collaboration in carbon offsetting.

If you have questions about the conference payment process, or have any issues with it, please contact the Tampere University Congress Office, at: